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For more than 10 years, Navigator Consulting Group has provided my company with outstanding accurate and promptly given accounting and bookkeeping services. They are just great and very helpful in any case.

Highly recommended to all!

Boris S.
«Maple Leaf Delicatessen»

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It is important to understand your responsibilities and how payroll works to ensure you are not assessed penalties and interest or suffer other consequences.

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Navigator Consulting Group Inc.

Accounting Services / Bookkeeping & Income Tax Preparation

We help to prevent problems before they arise, or solve them when they do. To achieve this, we assist with the design and implementation of sound business processes. If you or your company already has problems (losses, problems with Canada Revenue Agency, business downturn, cash flows, conflict between owners, etc.), we can help.

We aspire to ease the challenge of non-core bookkeeping functions by outsourcing them efficiently and economically. By focusing on what we do best, Navigator Consulting Group is able to offer a combination of competence and affordability that will strengthen your bottom line.

Meet Your Accountant in Vancouver Downtown

Working for you from an accessible Vancouver downtown location, we have experienced professionals, who over the years have accumulated a remarkable knowledge base that allows them to successfully manage all sorts of business accounts and cases. Navigator Consulting Group Inc has created a comprehensive spectrum of accounting, bookkeeping and taxation services that offers businesses and individuals help, advice or guidance when they really need it.

Personal & Business Accounting / Bookkeeping

Our services are the perfect solution for companies not wanting a full-time staff accountant, saving administration time for core activities. For businesses of any size, our financial team provides accurate and affordable monthly, quarterly and year-end support, through accounting and efficient bookkeeping services. These include but are not limited to:

Navigator Consulting Group has refined traditional bookkeeping and accounting functions into useful and client-focused services. We offer established businesses the comfort of knowing that their financial activities are being professionally handled by a team of experts, and promise to provide reliable support. These services begin with professional advice and assistance with the start, operation and development of your business.

Personal & Business Consulting

Whether by analyzing opportunities, launching a new project or helping in the growth of an existing business, we can assist you to find solutions in a clear, competent and concise manner with business information such as:

Based on extensive experience, we provide an efficient approach to every aspect of your business or personal matter, from immediate tactical solutions to compound strategic considerations, anticipating the ultimate impact. We cater to a wide variety of business sectors, providing independent advice to help businesses thrive and expand. With the unique profile of your company in mind we have brought together an experienced team armed with a rich assortment of professional skills to meet the diverse consulting needs of businesses and individuals alike.

Corporate & Personal Income Tax Preparation

Our experienced and professional tax specialists provide integrated year-round personalized tax solutions, for both business and personal clients, for all forms of tax in Canada. Our tax preparation in Vancouver includes a plan that will help to minimize taxes and increase what you keep. We provide a full range of tax services embracing both compliance and tax planning:

Our tax specialists assist you in handling all types of communications and negotiations with the Canada Revenue Agency. We help all clients to understand the value of filing their personal and corporate tax returns in a timely manner. This avoids costly penalties and interest, as well as being flagged for future audits. We are committed to keeping our team's knowledge of relevant legislation and best business practices current with the latest changes that may affect our clients.